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Yes, that’s me in Paris at the Hotel Ritz. I’m in Bar

Hemingway, sitting next to Ernest's actual typewriter!  


There are two things you should know about me:

I’m a writer. And I love Paris.

Put them together and I have good news:  


                          My novel Who Needs Paris?  is here...

                                    ....And the reviews are in!!!

"I gobbled up every juicy experience Kate has while finding herself.        I loved this book!"  -- Robin Schiff, Executive Producer "Emily in Paris."

“The author’s use of two concurrent timelines is masterful, pacing the story in an exciting way that hooks the reader...” Kirkus Book Review​

“A deliciously readable page-turner! Meyerson’s Kate Miller is a heroine with guts and a charming, self-deprecating sense of humor.”

                        Nicole Yorkin, Peabody and Writers Guild Award winner.  

“It's smart, sexy, and satisfying."  -- Larry Wilmore, "The Daily Show," "Black on the Air" Podcast.

“The story hooked me from the beginning because it was fun, then quickly became compelling.”   -- Janet Wertman, Jane the Quene.



                                                     Let's face it.

                         Who doesn't love Paris?


Kate Miller, that’s who. Ever since she was a student at the Sorbonne in the '60s, she's avoided Paris like the plague. Kate's smart and clever, but dark memories of that youthful past have shut her down. Then in 1977 a French TV director offers her a job in Paris, and Kate reluctantly returns.  What she finds is a Paris of promise, opportunity, and even a delicious sexual reawakening.  Yet even as she begins to reinvent herself, the past still haunts:  In 1964, Kate was in love....and in trouble.


After confronting the unthinkable, she has lived with a silent pain kept secret for all those years.


Can Paris finally help bring Kate closure?  


Who Needs Paris? has all the romance, sexy adventure, and fun of a novel about Paris. But above all, it's a story about finding and fighting for the freedom to be our true selves.

                                          *             *                *

To read an excerpt of the novel (available on, click above on    MEET KATE. To learn more about me and Who Needs Paris? click above on PARIS, PHOTOS, BIO, and WGA Award.


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