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Yes, that’s me drinking a martini in Paris at the Hotel Ritz! 

I’m in Bar Hemingway, sitting beside Ernest's actual typewriter.  

So now you know the two most important things about me:

I’m a writer. And I love Paris.  


As a writer, I wrote and produced/directed documentaries and television programs – from  Zoolife with Jack Hanna to Walking the Bible, from Disney's Children of Japan to PBS' National Memorial Day Concert.  And through it all, there were always visits to Paris.


Let's face it. Who doesn’t love Paris? 


Kate Miller, that’s who. Ever since her 60s Sorbonne days that ended in a disastrous love affair, she’s avoided Paris like the plague. Then thirteen years later, at the age of 35, she reluctantly accepts a job there, hoping to ignore the dark memories and move on with her life.  


What’s all this got to do with me?  I'm very close to Kate; lived with her for several years now. You see, Kate lives in my head and on the page -- she's the protagonist of my debut novel.  Her story is a fresh take on an authentic Paris -- its beauty and  its darkness.


I'd like you to meet the young Kate when she first came to Paris in 1964: 

 I loved the darkness, the oldness, the dirtiness of Paris.

 I didn’t see dirt, I saw a thousand years of the city’s seductive

magic. When the gargoyles of Notre-Dame stared down at me,

there was no question in my mind. They were devilish spirits

tempting me into delicious submission. 

                     It was perfect. Until it wasn’t.

                     Because then Paris f*cked me.


 Paris F*cked Me has all the romance, sexy adventure, and fun of a novel about Paris. But the core of its story reveals what our grown-up Kate in 1977 has been unable to     forget: in 1964, her younger self was driven to a self-induced, illegal abortion in Paris and it still haunts her.  Will Kate have the courage to confront her past and become

the person she's meant to be?


With the recent overturn of Roe vs. Wade, it’s time to send my friend Kate out into the world.  I'll be posting excerpts of the novel in short installments.  To read them, click above on MEET KATE.



 p.s. You can learn more about me by clicking above on PARIS, PHOTOS, ABOUT ME, and WGA Award.


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