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My novel Who Needs Paris? is inspired by the two times I lived in Paris -- in the 60s when I attended the Sorbonne, and then in 1977 when I returned as a writer.  

As  I wrote about Paris, I was transported back to times of fun and romance, but also to life's most challenging paths. Memories shifted along with my character Kate...and her essence is found in the pages of Who Needs Paris? 


IMG_2512 (1)_edited.jpg
Paris in the sixties
1964 student days 
Sorbonne Student Days_edited.jpg

This famous bookstore was once a small shop and haven for young  students and wanderers.

Student hangouts in Shakespeare And Company
Montparnasse, where I lived during my student days
Paris in 1977 -- 
149 Rue de Rennes.  Where both "Kate" and I were au pairs.
paris 70s (1)_edited_edited.jpg
Paris today  
.....Laduree macarons....
....And ALWAYS, the Eiffel Tower.
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