Who doesn’t love Paris??


                     Oui, j'aime Paris!  


I have loved Paris since my student days at the Sorbonne. Years later, I returned to work there as a writer….and now, every chance I get, I visit my Parisian friends and am renewed by this City of Lights.


Recently, I went back to the places where I lived in those long-ago days. They instantly transported me to those times of  joy... and of sadness and struggle. It is both the joie de vivre and the tristesse that inspired me to write my first novel.  "The past is prologue," Shakespeare wrote, and while the novel includes a spicy mix of Hollywood show-biz and Parisian romance, it lends an intriguing relevancy to our current #MeToo and #TimesUp movements.   


Please return to this page as I reveal more about the story which emerged from my heart, body, and soul. 

Montparnasse, where I lived during my student days
Paris in the sixties
student days 
Student hangouts
Grown-up hangouts: The Hotel George V...
149 Rue de Rennes
.....Laduree macarons....
With Mark at Canal St. Martin
...And ALWAYS, the Metro.